Suranaree University of Technology was
established as the public autonomous university,
outside the civil service system, under the
supervision of the Royal Thai Government,
promoting administrative proficiency and
efficiency in its operations; a scholarly community
consisting of the learned and the learners, as
well as all kinds of knowledge in Arts, Sciences
and Technology, beneficial to both individuals
and society. This university firmly pledges to
maintain excellence in all of its commitments; to
advance the quality of life; to seek applications
in the collection and creation of knowledge,
moral ethos and wisdom, for the eternal growth
of humankind.
Suranaree University of Technology is an excellent learning
institution of science and technology and a reliable pillar of
Suranaree University of Technology, specializing in
science and technology, is determined to create research
output; to adapt, transfer and advance technology for the
sustainable progress of society; producing graduates with
quality, knowledge and integrity leading to wisdom; providing
academic services to the public; and to nourish the arts and
culture by adhering to the principles of academic freedom
and good governance in administration.
1. To train high-level scientific and technological personnel
to meet the national needs for development;
2. To engage in research for the creation and enhancement
of knowledge, and to utilize the results for national
3. To adapt, transfer, and advance appropriate technology
to increase Thailand’s technological self-reliance;
4. To provide academic services to the people and both
public and private organizations;
5. To nourish the arts and culture on the national and
regional levels, especially the arts and culture of the
Suranaree University of Technology
has five principal mission
1. The University’s education is recognized
nationally and internationally.
2. The University is recognized as a research
university, nationally and internationally.
3. The University is recognized by society with
reliance on science and technology.
4. The Community and locals get to know the
culture and the preservation of the arts.
5. The University’s high capacity to manage
the identity of the university.
Strategies for Development
SUT’ 11st Developmental Plan (2012 - 2016)
with five strategies as follows:
1. Quality education management of
international standard
2. Strengthening research capabilities for
national and international recognition
3. Strengthening capabilities of adapting
transferring and developing technology
academic service for the benefits of society
4 Promotion of local arts and cultures in the
Northeast of Thailand
5. Highly efficient management and
administration under the Identity Protection
and Corporate Governance of the