·           The First Public Autonomous University in Thailand

·           University of Innovation

·           Society’s Companion University

·           The First University of Technology in Thailand

·           A National Research University

·           The Top Quality Public University *

·           An Excellent Teaching University

·           An Outstanding Research University **

·           Brand New and Modern Equipment

·           The Highest Percentage of Faculty with Doctoral Degrees

·           Graduates with the Highest Employment Rate ***

·           The Spearhead in University Engagement

·           The Spearhead in Cooperative Education and Career Development

·           National and International University

* From the second round of the external quality assessment (higher education
level) by the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment
(Public Organization) (ONESQA), 2008
** From Thai University Ranking by the Office Higher Education Commission (OHEC), 2006
*** Compiled from the Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC), 2010