University Engagement

University Engagement

 Academic Service to Society

University Engagement 

Suranaree University of Technology carries out its mission of serving the society with

academic services to become of great benefit to society. Faithfully expressing “from shelf to

shops,” the university stands side by side with the public and thus plays a role as an “ally

of society.” The institute holds the Social Responsibility and Good Governance principles,

with an equitable, transparent, and accountable administration. Providing Academic Services to Society, Technopolis is the main mediator who channels the body of knowledge of science and technology for society. The university has attempted to extensively and profoundly strengthen knowledge in Quariety fields. It also monitors transitions resulting from globalization, so that the acquired academic wisdom, faculties and researchers specialized in each field are coalesced via the Sirindhorn Learning Park. The academic service unit organizes tutorials, seminars and workshops that are jointly conceived and pursued according to the needs of academies, entrepreneurs, community organizations, the local administrative body, both in government and in the private sectors.These academic service activities are part of the development of University Engagement and Social Enterprise, under the principle of uniting with community organizations by conjointly thinking and working together for mutual benefit. This in turn has a favorable influence, which can be objectively assessed, by both the community and the university.