Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation
Owing to its strength in research, Suranaree University of Technology has been selected by The Office of the       Commission on Higher Education to be 1 of the 9 “National Research Universities,” since 2010. It has become evident to both the society and academic community, nationally and internationally, that SUT carries out its missions on research according to the respective strategies, which include building the world class body of knowledge, efficient research
management, good governance and objectively resolving national issues. This is achieved by executing the measures as follows. 
Research that Responds to Regional and National Immediate Needs : Proceeding research strategy which not only focuses on building a world class body of knowledge but also on objectively resolving national issues has led to a great deal of the university’s own research inventions and innovations. These research outputs have been factually applied in solving many problems, many of which have been widely acknowledged, for instance,
  • Research and Invention for Aiding those Affected by the Deluge
  • Research for Value Adding and Increasing of Farm Products
  • Research for Energy Savings and the Environment
  • Research for Health