Institute of Research

Institute of Research

   Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) is a specialized

university in science and technology with the aim of being

one of the university leaders in society.  The university

adheres to the administrative system of “Centralized Services,

Coordinated Missions” and has undertaken five principle

missions: learning-teaching arrangement, research and

development, technologicaladaptation and transfer, academic

service arrangement, and the provision of national and regional

cultural enrichment. These five missions are implemented by

emphasis on mission integration in terms of producing scientific
and technological personnel in order to meet the national need

for: a) research and development, b) technological adaptation,

transfer and development, and c) academic service to communities

that directly benefit communities both at the regional and national levels.

   The research and development policy of SUT emphasizes

a focused research direction to respond to the university's

strategies, the development strategies of the provincial

groups situated in the lower part of the northeastern region,

and the national strategies in the form of basic research,

applied research, and experimental and developmental

research, either as a single research project or as a series.

The above-mentioned research will lead to the formation of a

new body of knowledge, innovation and invention. Especially,

some projects will lead to patents, commercial copyrights,

etc. The research conducted focuses on agriculture, industrial

agriculture, science and industrial technology, etc.The research

methodology is arranged as single-disciplinary, multidisciplinary,

interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary by the research and operating

units and the research centers with the coordination of faculty experts /

researchers for congruent working direction, utilization,

and mutual use of resources.


Institute of Research and Development

    The Institute of Research and Development of Suranaree University

of Technology was established in 1993 at the same time as the

university. It is a unit of the university dedicated to advanced study

and research.  The Institute  plays a role in managing and coordinating

the university's research and development affairs, including budget and

research planning and provision, coordination and implementation with

other research units of various schools of other institutes in order to

support both research and learning-teaching, especially for postgraduate

students, to be concurrently both efficient and effective. Further, the Institute

has played a role in coordinating the research and development benefits and

needs between university units/personnel and outside organizations. Moreover,

the Institute has dealt with the promotion of research support to develop university

faculties and researchers, such as by providing research scholarships allocated

by the university’s funds, arranging a mentor system, etc. The Institute aims at 

achievements that conform to the university’s pledge, vision, and missions.