Sirindhorn Learning Park

Sirindhorn Learning Park

SirindhornLearning Park

A tourist site for knowledge cultivation. It is comprised of TOYOTA Model Traffic City, Thai Study Exhibition Room, and Ancient Thai Technology Room, etc.

Ancient Thai Technology Museum

Displays more than 2000 “Northeast Cultural Artifacts,” still produced and used by villagers. Exhibits are divided into categories: agricultural, bamboo weaven products, freshwater fishing equipmen, woven fabric and clothes, pottery, and others, including traditional toys and historical documents. 5,652 people have enjoyed the museum

Model Traffic City

Creating awareness of traffic laws and the correct and safe manner of operating motor vehicles. Encouraging courtesy in driving for everyone through actual driving experience on simulated traffic ways, with the support of Toyota Motors Thailand Company, Ltd.

Butterfly Park

Instills values and awareness toyoung people and the general public for conserving the environment, using butterflies and insects as representatives from a changing environment. There were 34,041 participants.

Royal Golden Jubilee Building

          Displays His Majesty the King’s Royal Activities and Projects, originally part of the World - Tech ’95 Thailand exhibition. In the year 2002, the building was renovated and now displays The exhibition in honor of His Majesty the King’s 84th Birthday, the Great King and Spirit of Thailand’s Agriculture: Balancing Nature with Sufficiency.” 5,388 people have viewed this exhibition.

Thai Studies Room

noob factory

          Displays thousands of traditional Thai technological artifacts from every region of Thailand, obtained through donation and purchase, such as a variety of gear mechanisms. 5,652 have toured the room.