SUT ranked among the most open universities in ASEAN 10th in the Excellence Rank in Thailand


SUT ranked among the most open universities in ASEAN

10th in the Excellence Rank in Thailand


In the latest Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) stands firm at 13th place among Thailand’s top E-universities, 10th in the Excellence Rank, and 2nd in the Northeast Region out of 192 ranked Thai universities. Regionally, it is a Top 50 university in ASEAN and 1,503rd out of 11,900+ institutions worldwide.


The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, administered by the Cybermetrics Lab of the Centre for Scientific Information and Documentation (CINDOC), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Madrid, Spain, gauges the potential for universities to transition into "E-universities" with the knowledge generated by the university open to all. This ranking relies on three key indicators:


1.       Impact (50%): Assessed through external network connections to a university's website.


2.       Openness (10%): Evaluated by the number of citations from the Top 310 authors sourced from Google Scholar.


3.       Excellence (40%): Determined by the number of articles that are top 10% most cited across 27 disciplines, utilizing data from the Scopus database over a five-year period (2018-2022) and compiled by the SCImago Institute.

Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) excels in this evaluation, securing the 2nd position in the Northeast region and the 10th position nationally in the Excellence Rank category. The university has also become increasingly open with approximately 45% of our research output published between 2018-22 Open Access.

"This current Webometrics Ranking of World Universities reflects SUT's capability in managing globally distributed information, with a focus on disseminating academic achievements through our website, and ensuring that more of our research accessible to the world making us a true 'E-university,' and aligning with SUT's 2025 policy to transform the university from a research university to a sustainable and innovation university," emphasized Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anan Tongraar, Rector of Suranaree University of Technology.

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Content by Planning Division/ Public Relations Division

Translated by the Center for International Affairs

Revised by David Harding

8th August 2023

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