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Workplace Selecting Techniques
Workplace Selecting Techniques
Techniques in choosing a place to work with for Cooperative Education

Step 1:  Know yourself.

  What are your skills and the kind of work you are interested in? Does it correspond with your knowledge level, experience, expertise and personality?   If you answer “yes” to these questions, then you can apply for such job for your Co-op.
  Special abilities such as speaking, writing, and reading English or other languages required in the workplace can actively be used in the Co-op program.

Step 2: Knowledge about the workplace

  Find the relevant information about the workplace you are interested to work with such as the name of the workplace, address, what is it known for, what type of business is it operating, and so on.
  The proposed jobs must be consistent with the students’ interest and abilities. The work that is applicable to their corresponding fields.
  Find out the appropriate compensation provided by the workplace.

Step 3: When students have all the information, they decide to choose only one workplace that is suitable to their field of study then submit the application to the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development within the stipulated deadline.


Note: Students may recommend a workplace which have never offered job placement for co-op students before and report the information of such place. Included in the information will be the contact person’s name and telephone number (if there’s any). This will help the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development to establish a connection with the workplace since the students are not allowed to contact any workplace on their own.

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