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Evaluation of the co-op students
Evaluation of the co-op students

The letter grade system of evaluation is used.
S (satisfactory) = Pass
U( Unsatisfactory) = Fail
The evaluation Procedures are:

  1.  Students must have completely attended the orientation, training, seminars, and all of the co-op preparation activities as designated. Those who have missed some of the activities are required to study the entire procedure from the video then write a report. The names of the students who are ineligible for the cooperative work due to the incompletion of the required activities will be announced one week before the trimester ends.
  2. Received “S” for the evaluation of both work performance and academic report by the workplace advisor.
  3. Received “S” for the evaluation of academic report by academic supervising instructors.
  4. Attended all of the post- co-op required activities such as meeting, interview, seminar, and submitting a questionnaire. 

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