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Cooperative Education is an educational system focusing on systematic practical experience in the workplace in which the periods of study and the periods of working in the real workplace are combined. For practical experience, the work for students should be in their field of study concentrating on learning from working experience or work-based learning.   SUT strongly recommends students to do projects that are beneficial to the workplace or organizations such as modification or enhancement, efficiency development or the solution to some problems in the workplace. The project must be completed within 4 months. This process can truly help students learn from their work experience, and make them more qualified to meet the needs of the workplace.

Cooperative Education serves as a mechanism to promote the continuous cooperation between the workplaces and the university. By focusing on Cooperative Education, all parties involved can possibly achieve maximum mutual benefits.  

Cooperative Education students will work as a temporary employee in the workplace. The real actions in the workplace are experiences that students cannot learn in the classroom. Co-op students develop their own thoughts, observations, decision analysis and evaluation of the system to prepare and present technical reports based on their experience that reflects a combination of theory and practice including a clear discovery of their future careers. 

With education that perfectly combines both theory and practice, it results to a high demand of workers from these graduates. Cooperative Education is a process to coordinate closely with the workplace. The school can change its curriculum anytime in the same way that the workplace can give the students a job throughout the year to achieve the maximum benefits to all parties involved.  

SUT’s Educational Philosophy

The main goal of SUT’s educational management is to develop graduates in the field of science and technology by adapting the curriculum that suits the community.  Moreover, humanistic knowledge and social experience are focused in producing competent graduates with 3 desirable attributes as follow:

  1. Having “ Thai-ness” disposition
  2. Being knowledgeable
  3. Being ethically or morally sound

Furthermore, SUT emphasizes the concept of creating and developing qualified technologists to develop the country with 4 outstanding characteristics or skills as follow:

  1. Humanware
  2. Orgaware
  3. Infoware
  4. Technoware

As an institution fully equipped with technology, SUT puts emphasis on producing manpower with academic and higher professional careers on science and technology which is highly needed as stated in the National Economic and Social Development Plan.  Therefore, SUT’s educational management has been administered by the integration of theory and practice or classroom learning integrated with the workplace practicum (Cooperative Education). Students are required to work as full time employees of the company. This workplace practicum yields professional experience to students.

SUT has a clear direction to strive for excellence in academics, research, and development. In each program of studies, the teaching and learning is the integration of knowledge from different disciplines, or a Multi-disciplinary Approach.   Moreover, SUT has a plan to produce and develop qualified instructors including exchanging instructors within home institutions as well as from abroad.  For excellence in teaching, administration and management, the modern technology and information system will be implemented as well as using fully supported applied technology for SUT’s administration and management. 

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