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Leave of Absence and Make-up time
Leave of Absence and Make-up time

Leave of Absence and Make-up time
A student’s leave of absence must adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the workplace. Before taking a leave, the student should be granted permission from the workplace’s advisor. This must be strictly followed except for urgent circumstances in which case the workplace advisor must be notified of the absence immediately.


Leave of Absence to participate University’s activities
SUT will send an official letter to the workplace providing details and asking for permission whenever it’s necessary for the students to join the activities in the university. This is done individually. For this, the students must make-up their working time according to the time taken for the leave of absence. This can be flexible depending on the consideration of the workplace as long as the student can fulfill the Co-op work experience of not less than 16 weeks. However, if the make-up time is beyond the last date of the work in each trimester, the workplace must inform the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development before the final date of work.

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