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Evaluation of Co-op students by the workplace
Evaluation of Co-op students by the workplace

Students will take the Supervisors’ packets containing 2 sets of the evaluation forms to the personnel advisor as follows.

  1. Co-op Student Performance Appraisal Form
  2. Personnel advisors will assess the student’s performance using the evaluation form issued by the University.  The latest evaluation must be completed within the last week of the students’ co-op work.  Students may be informed of the evaluation results.

  3. An Academic Report Appraisal Form
  4. The job supervisors are requested to examine and to direct the revision of the academic report. They will then evaluate its contents and the style of writing it. After the report has been completed, it must be submitted to the University.
** The ways of submitting the Co-op Student’s Performance Appraisal Form and the Co-op Academic Report Appraisal Form to theCenter for Cooperative Education and Career Development are as follow: **

  • Seal the job Supervisor’s packet.  The student can then return it to the University by himself or herself.
  • The personnel advisors submit the evaluation forms  directly to the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development via fax : 0-4422-3045, 0-4422-3053 and E-mail : coop@sut.ac.th


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