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Benefit of Cooperative Education
Academic Institute benefits
  1. Academic collaboration and good relationship with the workplaces are established.
  2. Feedback can be used in revising the curriculum as well as the teaching and learning.
  3. The academic institutes are recognized by the labor market.

Workplace benefits

  1. Academic collaboration and good relationship with the institutions.
  2. Creating good image of the workplaces in supporting education and assisting the development of graduates of the nation.
  3. Having enthusiastic students of a certain level with academic ability that are beneficial in the workplace throughout the year.
  4. Permanent staff members have more time to perform other tasks that are more important.
  5. The opportunity to screen students for full-time employment in the future without a probationary period.

Student Benefits

  1. Gain practical experience in the students’ field of studies in addition to classroom learning.
  2. Increase relevance of learning, self- development, interpersonal skills, responsibility, and self-confidence which are workplace expectations.
  3. Becoming better learners and earning good grades after the co-op practicum due to a better understanding of the contents resulted from authentic experience in the workplace.
  4. Acquire communication skills
  5. Earn an income
  6. Make right decisions about future career as one’s own capability is more realized
  7. Become graduates with higher potential and a better chance of being offered a job before graduation.
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