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"I met what I need and I can fullfill most of my requirements here. Great place and warmer people are the most what I loved."

Htun Htun Win

"The thing I love about SUT are people. All the professors, staffs and students in SUT are polite and kind. Even though some of them do not understand english well, they try their best to help us with their hearts."

Kenta Wakui

"I love SUT library service, staff speak both thai and english, OPAC system is good, has many places for study, has many books, has video on demand for watch movie. Furthermore i love SUT bus service they are on time during Monday to friday but for Saturday and Monday the bus service is reduce. Since i come here i have some problem about thai language so that i can not catch up dormitory information and lack communication with other."

Mengly Long

"At first is the prestige of SUT ranking is in the top 10 of the best University in Thailand, that led me to choose this University. Secondly, I love to work at the lab and the notable reputation of my advisor seems desirable to choose him as my advisor. My advisor taught me to be a good scientist. After 4th year of being student here, I feel grateful that I choose this University. I feel ready to face the challenge that the world could offer me in the next future with the ability that I have now."


"SUT is like a big family, which gathers students from all over the world. The atomosphere here is extremely friendly and welcome. It is a community full of warmth, harmony, joy and love."

Shuangqing Wen

"SUT is one of the few national research universities in Thailand. The abundance of laboratory facilities and free excess to them is one of the best things I have discovered here. The academic environment of the university is of the highest standard. On the other hand, the university provides many facilities within its premises to make life easy and comfortable."

Ashok Paudel

"SUT gave me a favorite business, which I plan to do further, and here I can realize myself. This university is a combination of a high professional level and a place where you can relax just walking around the campus after a hard work day."

Polina Istomina 

"The staffs are very friendly and accomodating. The environment inside the campus is fresh. Amenities and social services are also provided by the university. SUT has helped me adjust and integrate into Thai society through the willingness of their staffs and students to provide help to foreign students so we don't feel isolated or alienated from the people around us."

Karl Malcolm N. Cordova

"Since I had arrived at SUT 8 months ago, everyone has been really kind and welcoming, making a difficult change in my life much easier. The staff and students are always friendly and willing to help, which is why I've made friends at SUT despite the language barrier I encounter as a foreign student. Whether I'm in a lecture or doing the teaching, the students are always respectful, yet fun to be around and the teachers go the extra to create a great learning environment. The university maintains a great campus life with modern equipment aiding technological advancements by researchers, as well as various sport and recreation facilities to enjoy as students."

Nikhil Jaden Naidoo
South Africa

"I love that SUT has such a large campus with many trees and even small forests throughout. I enjoy being able to see some of the many animal species which call SUT home. The university campus provides a perfect location to conduct ecological studies on wildlife living among humans. "

Cameron Hodges
United State of America

"I love SUT because SUT is a good environment for me develop myself. Also, SUT is so beautiful about people and views. So lucky, I studied in SUT that kind of great university in Thailand."

Le Thi Thuy Trinh

"Interm of Undergraduate,Sut give me a chance to learn new stuff with many expert professors , met cool people around country including people from international , we have a lot of green space here , student here would be surrounded by nature and the clean energy ."

Chawikarn Chianphimai

"Green and Cheap canteen are made me happy. "

Chonut Xaiyathoumma 
Lao P.D.R.

"I admire SUT for providing the opportunity to students to promote their academic excellence as well as their supportive care of holistic mental and physical concern of students. I appreciate their effects in maintaining clean, beautiful and eco-friendly campus."

Karunambigai Arthanareeswaran