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Other Information

Emergency Contact Information

On Campus

- If you are on campus, for emergency case such as Accident, Sickness or others please call SUT Security Office 044-224444 or call SUT Hospital Emergency Services 044-376585

- Contact CIA for help, please reach Miss Hataikan Tongjareon (P Tee CIA) at 085-7753532

Off Campus

- Tourist Police 1155
- Police (General Emergency Call) 191
- Fire 199
- National Disaster Warning Centre 1860
- Medical Emergency Call 1669

SUT Club

NAME Detail
Computer ClubProvide basic computer knowledge and computer languages. The club offers camps that teach various
computer programming and basic computer languages as well.
Robot ClubThe gathering of people interested in robot innovation, there are activities such as research, develop
knowledge of robotics and teams to compete in robot knowledge skills.
SUT English ClubEstablished for those who interested or wanted to develop English skill, there are many activities with a
lot of fun and knowledge.
Japanese ClubPromoting positive attitude towards Japanese learning, focus on the culture of works in international coopertion.
Astronomy ClubCreated for those who are interested in astronomy and space with several camps which teach students to use astronomical equipments. 
Structure and Technology ClubProviding knowledge of characteristics of the building's infrastructure and courses on the basic
structure of engineering.
SUT Social Enterprise ClubEstablished to raise awareness of social, economics and environment problems surrounding SUT
students through related activities and various teaching method to find rootsd of causes and solutions.
Automotive ClubEstablished to develop engineering skill and relevants and learn about technology of automobile and racing.
Flying ClubOffers knowledges for those who are interested to learn about airplane, aircrafts and unmanned aircraft such
as Radio Controlled Aircraft, Drones and others. The club also participate in competitions which support
networking for students with other institutions.
Electrics and Electronis ClubStudy new innovation for knowing modern technology and creating the innovation for individual demand.
Cheerleader ClubA club of creative expression that consists of 3 parts, there are cheerleading, cover dance and drum
major for everyone, all genders and all ages.
Sufficiency Economy ClubApply the concept of sufficiency economy philosophy in daily life. It also helps to promote virtue and
the ethics to the club members
To Be Number One ClubBuilds social skills and promote youth against drugs policy
SUT Media ClubMedia club created by students for the SUT community on a digital platform, producing grahpic media
to publish on Suranaree Connext Facebook page
Dormitory ClubA channel to publicize various news and others entertainment to on campus dormitory students.
Anti Aids and Drugs ClubProvide useful information of how to protect yourself from drugs and transmitted diseases to youths
and communities
Meditation ClubDevelop morality and ethics for members of the club with activities that emphasize the way of Buddhism
to develop mind by meditation, regardless of race and religion. 
IYF International Culture ClubAiming to build friendships among students by providing students with the opportunity to learn the
language, culture and experiences of each nation together.
Acting ClubPracticing communication skills, creativity, assertiveness, team work and problem solving skills.
Photo ClubOffers photography knowledge, practice skills, develop photographic potential and various techniques
both in theory and practicing
Music ClubAiming to develop students music skills who are interested in music on practicing and support
Swimming ClubEncourage members to exercise and do activities together during free time to achieve unity.
Badminton ClubThe gathering of interested parties and good at badminton. To develop skills, knowledge and
experience to their full potential.
SUT LeagueFootball drills to prepare for university sports events.
Hockey ClubA popular local sports club in the Northeast. For students who interested in playing new sports.
SUT Logic ClubA club that develops logic thinking processes and published the game board to be known to the
general public.
SUT Futsal ClubThe gathering of people who love futsal. To improve sports skills or learn how to play futsal to better
understand and help raise the bar for competitive sports
SUT TaekwondoA club for exercise, learn matrial arts and make friendly relation with others. The club will teach from
the basic to ethlete level.
SUT Crossword A-Math Kumkom and Sudoku ClubA club which is intellectual sports game. To practice in thinking skill, planning skill, competitors
assessment and also practice concentration throughout the game.
Rowing ClubMaintain cleanliness of Samsaen and represrnt to compete in national sports.
Thai Boxing ClubThai boxing is a martial art of Thailand. It's outsatanding in the neck-fighting technique by using
your body as a weapon called Nava weapon that consisting of physical attacks inluding fists, elbows and knees.
E-sports ClubManaging the competition of games both on and off the university and also teaching various skills
to people who have interestes that come to work in the game industry.
SUT Lawnbowls ClubLawnbowls is a sport that helps reduce stress and has a low risk of injury. It's more acessible more
than some sports. As well as being able to develop skills of playing lawnbowls to get into yhe competition.
Bodybuilding ClubIt was established to prepare for the University of Thailand Games. A club for people who love to exercise
in the type of weight training 
SUT Aerobic and Exercise ClubA club that promoting rhythmic exercise which is internationally recoognixed as being able to promote
good health and physical fitness. The club also promotes other types of exercise foe health consciousness
and self-worth.
The Volunteer ClubA club that makes us learn to be the giver and create new experiences togrther through volunteer activities.
Roaming Teacher ClubHelping and sharing knoeledge with educationally disadventaged students by providing instruction for
such children including giving inspiraton, happiness, and experiences for both children and club members.
SUT Volunteering ClubThe volunteer of the university.
Agricultural ClubBringing knowledge of science amd technology to be applied in agriculture with a commitment to cultivate
awareness, develop knowledge and better qaulity of farmers' life to become a sustainable integrated agriculture.
SUT Health ClubProviding knowledge about contaminants in food ang how to check it. A club also has a camp both on and off the university to participate in fun activities with knoeledge that can be applied in daily life.
Thai-Muslim ClubA club for social development and serving. In order for students to join together to do volunteer camp for social development and for students who interested in Islam able to learn, uderstand amd exchange to be able to
coexist in a multicultural society.
The Environment ClubEncourage personnels, students and the general public to take into account environmental problems
such as air pollution, water poluution, waste water and overflowing waste.
SUT Health care ClubA club that makes people to be aware of their health to take care of and pay attention to their own health. By providing knowledge and technology to encourage people to observe their health condition for good health.
Environment Conservation ClubEstablished to conserve the environment
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Travel in Thailand

Public Holiday in Thailand

DateDay Holiday
13-Oct-2020TuesdayPassing of His Majesty the Late King
23-Oct-2020FridayChulalongkorn Memorial Day
19-Nov-2020ThursdaySpecial Public Holiday
20-Nov-2020FridaySpecial Public Holiday
5-Dec-2020SaturdayHis Majesty the Late King's Birthday
10-Dec-2020ThursdayConstitution Day
11-Dec-2020FridayConstitution Day Holiday
31-Dec-2020ThursdayNew Year's Eve
1-Jan-2021FridayNew Year's Day
12-Feb-2021FridayChinese New Year
26-Feb-2021FridayMakha Bucha Day
6-Apr-2021TuesdayChakri Day
13-15-Apr-2021Tuesday-ThursdaySongkran Festival
1-May-2021SaturdayLabour Day *
3-May-2021MondayLabour Day Holiday *
4-May-2021TuesdayCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn
11-May-2021TuesdayRoyal Ploughing Ceremony *
13-May-2021ThursdayEnd of Ramadan *
26-May-2021WednesdayVisakha Bucha Day
13-Jun-2021ThursdayQueen Suthida's Birthday
24-July-2021SaturdayAsahna Bucha Day
25-July-2021SundayBuddhist Lent Day *
26-July-2021MondayBuddhist Lent Holiday *
26-July-2021MondayAsahna Bucha Day Holiday
28-July-2021WednesdayKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
12-Aug-2021ThursdayHer Majesty the Queen Mother's Birthday
13-Oct-2021WednesdayPassing of His Majesty the Late King
23-Oct-2021SaturdayChulalongkorn Memorial Day
25-Oct-2021MondayChulalongkorn Memorial Day Holiday
5-Dec-2021SundayHis Majesty the Late King's Birthday
6-Dec-2021MondayHis Majesty the Late King's Birthday Holiday
10-Dec-2021FridayConstitution Day
31-Dec-2021FridayNew Year's Eve
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— End of Ramadan are observed in Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala and Satun provinces only.
— Labour Day is observed by all sectors except the Government sector.
— Royal Ploughing Ceremony and Khao Phansa Day are observed by the Government sector only.     

Special Day in Thailand

DateSpecial Day Detail
1-JanNew Year’s Day
Public holiday. Even if the traditional New Year is celebrated in April (Songkran Festival), the year changes on January 1st. Thai people start counting the years from Buddha’s birth, 543 years before Jesus Christ, but they also use the western calendar. So year 2018 is more commonly referred to as year 2561. If you are in Bangkok, the countdown usually takes place at the World Trade Center (Chidlom BTS station).
Children’s DayChildren’s day is celebrated on the second Saturday of January. On this special day many events are held for children, and parents take their children out, for instance to amusement parks.
16-JanTeachers’ DayOn Teachers’ Day, all pupils will pay respect to their teachers during a ceremony at school. In Thailand teachers are still very respected.
Chinese New YearAround 10% of Thai people are of Chinese descent, and the Chinese New Year is a big event. If you are in Bangkok, dress in red and join the celebrations in Chinatown!
Makha Bucha DayPublic holiday. It commemorates the day when 1250 disciples gathered without prior notice and listened to Buddha elaborate some of his most important teachings in a sermon. Thai people usually go to the temple from early morning, participate in ceremonies, and at night they walk three times around the temple with candles.
14-FebValentine’s DayIn a country where public displays of affection are frowned upon and young people are very shy about love, Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to send a love card or ask someone out to dinner. It’s the most romantic day of the year!
6-AprChakri DayPublic holiday. It commemorates the founding of the Chakri Dynasty, of which the present ruling monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is the ninth king (Rama IX).
13-15 AprSongkran Festival Public holiday. Thai’s traditional New Year, and the most important holiday of the year. Water is sprayed on statues of Buddha as a means of purification. If you are in Thailand, prepare yourself to get wet too, as Thai people also splash water on each other!
1-MayLabour DayMay 1st is not associated with social conflicts and achievements in Thailand. Mostly it’s business as usual, schools and administrations open normally and only some private companies, including banks, may be closed.
4-MayCoronation DayPublic holiday. Commemorates the coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, the ruling monarch, on May 4, 2019.
Vesak DayPublic holiday. This day commemorates the birth, the enlightenment and the entry into the nirvana of Buddha. Temples throughout the country are crowded with people listening to sermons about Dharma (Buddha’s teaching) and in the evening there is a candlelit procession around the main building of the temple containing the Buddha statues.
3-JuneBirthday of the QueenPublic holiday. Birthday of Queen Suthida, queen consort of King Vajiralongkorn.
Buddhist Lent DayBuddhist Lent Day mars the beginning of the annual retreat for monks as laid down by Lord Buddha more than twenty-five centuries ago. On that day all monks take a vow to stay in a particular place or temple for three months from the first Day of the Waning moon in the8th Month to the 15th Day of the Waxing Moon in the 11th Month. It coincides with the rainy season during which the monks are not allowed to stay overnight anywhere else, except in exceptional cases based on reasons granted by Lord Buddha. Buddhist Lent day means the day on which the Buddhist monks take the vow to stay only at one particular place or temple which can shelter them from the sun, storms and rain.
Asahna Bucha DayPublic holiday. Just before the Buddhist Lent day, Asahara Bucha commemorates the day Buddha preached his first sermon to his five first disciples.
28-JulyKing’s birthday Public holiday. Birthday of King Vajiralongkorn (Rama X).
12-AugQueen’s birthdayPublic holiday. The birthday of Queen Sirikit, who was born in 1932, is also celebrated as Mother’s Day. As the Queen Mother was born on a Friday, and light blue is the color associated to Friday, people usually dress in light blue, to show their love and respect.
13-OctCommemoration of the passing of King BhumibolPublic holiday. Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great (Rama IX), “the beloved King and father of all Thai people”, died on Otober 13, 2016.
23-OctChulalongkorn DayPublic holiday. Commemorates the day the King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) died, in 1910. Under his reign, Siam had become a semi-modern country, and had continued to escape colonial rule. Nowadays Rama V is worshipped as a semi-god, many people bringing offerings in front of his statues or portraits in the hope of having their prayers answered.
Loy KrathongLoy Krathong happens on the first full moon day of November. Thai people buy or make a krathong, which is like a small boat made of banana tree and banana leaves, with flowers and a candle in the middle. At night the krathongs are set adrift on a nearby river or pond, as an offering to the spirit of the water to wash away the sins. According to an ancient proverb, when a boy and a girl float a krathong together, they will be lovers either in this life or the next.
5-DecFather’s Day Public holiday. Father’s Day honoring the memory of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), who was born on December 5, 1927.
Constitution DayPublic holiday. This day commemorates the first constitution of Thailand, which came into effect in 1932. It marks the transformation of Thailand from an absolute monarchy to a consitutional monarchy.
ChristmasChristmas is of course a Christian tradition and doesn’t belong to Thai culture. But Thai people love to offer gifts to each other, and Christmas, like elsewhere, has also become a commercial and marketing event. Not surprisingly, Christmas trees can be found in Bangkok’s shopping centers, rather than in people’s living rooms.
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Embassy in Thailand

No. CountryEmbassador AddressWebsite (click)
ท่านทูตหลู่ย์ เจี้ยนEmbassy of The People's Republic of China 
57 Ratchadaphisek Road,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Consular Assistance and Protection
Tel: 0066-854833327(24 Hours Mobile Online),
0066-2-2457010(Weekday 9:00-17:00)
Tel:  022450088
Fax: 0066-2-2457032

2CambodiaSorphorn Ouk, Ph.D. (Hon.),
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Royal Embassy of Cambodia
518/4 ถนนประชาอุทิศ ซอยรามคำแหง 39
แขวงวังทองหลาง เขตวังทองหลาง
กทม. 10310. 
Tel: 02 957 5851
       02 957 5852
16VietnamNGUYEN HAI BANGEmbassy of Vietnam
83, 1 Witthayu Rd, Lumphini,
Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 02 251 3552
       02 251 5838
       02 251 7202
13TanzaniaConsulate of Tanzania in Bangkok, Thailand
S.L.D. Condominium, 3rdFL.,
501 Saladaeng 1, Rama IV Road 10500
Tel: +66-2-2358282 / +66-2-2358283

สถานเอกอัครราชทูต (Kuala Lumpur)
Tel: 02 203 5000
4IndiaSuchitra DuraiEmbassy of India
46, Prasarnmitr, Sukhumvit,
Soi 23, Bangkok - 10110
Tel : 02-2580300-6
8NigeriaMr Chukwudi Newington OkaforEmbassy of Nigeria
412 Sukhumvit Soi 71, Prakhanong Sub-district,
Wattana District, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: (+66) 2711 3076-8
10PolandWaldemar DubaniowskiEmbassy of the Republic of Poland
in Kingdom of Thailand
Unit 605-607, 6th Floor, Athenee Tower,
Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 079 7300
9PhilippinesH.E. Mary Jo Bernardo-AragonEmbassy of the Philippines
760 Sukhumvit Road corner Soi Philippines
(Soi 30/1) Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel:  +662-259-0139 to 40
1BhutanTshewang Chophel DorjiEmbassy of Bhutan
375/1 Soi Ratchadanivej
Pracha-Uthit Road, Samsen Nok
Huay Kwang
Bangkok 10320
Tel: (+66) 2274-4740 to 2
11RussiaEvgeny TomikhinEmbassy of Russia
78 Sap Road, Surawong,
Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500
Tel: (+66 2) 234-98-24
       (+66 2) 268-11-69
5IndonesiaAhmad RusdiEmbassy of Indonesia, Bangkok
600-602 Petchburi Road Ratchatewi,
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Tel: (66-2) 2523135-40
7LaosSeng SoukhathivongEmbassy of Lsos PDR in Thailand
520, 502/1-3 Soi Sahakarnpramoon
Pracha-Uthit Road
Wang Thonglang
Bangkok 10310
Tel: (+66) 2539 6679
       (+66) 2539 6667-8
15USAMichael George DeSombreEmbassy of the United States
U.S. Embassy Bangkok
95 Wireless Road
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: (+66)-2-205-4000
14UKBrian DavidsonBritish Embassy Bangkok
AIA Sathorn Tower, Floor 12A
11/1 South Sathorn Road,  Sathorn
Bangkok 10120 , Thailand
Tel: (+66) 2 305 8333
6ItalyLorenzo GalantiEmbassy of Italy in Thailand
CRC Tower, All Seasons Place
87 Wireless (Withayu) Road, Lumpini
Bangkok 10330
Tel: (+66)-2-250 4970
12South AfricaG Q M DoidgeEmbassy of South Africa
12th A Floor, M Thai Tower, All Seasons Place
87 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan
Tel: (+66) 2 092 2900
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