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Emergency Loan is provided for SUT students, each term student can submit a request for Emergency Loan in the beginning or between a term. Student must have an approval from advisor before submit a request form to Scholarship Division, Student Affairs and on the online system. Please note that the loan must be returned 2 weeks before the final examination date of the term

Emergency Loan Rate

Undergraduate student 5,000 Thai Baht/time/term 
- Graduate student 10,000 Thai Baht/time/term

How to request for Emergency Loan (for international student)

1. Consult with advisor
2. Contact Center for International Affairs 
3. Complete application forms and propose the form to advisor to sign
    (download application forms)
4. Register a request on the online system 
5. Submit the forms to Scholarship Division, Student Affairs building 1 
6. SUT Staff will contact you to collect the loan at Financial Division 
7. Return the loan to Financial Division 2 weeks before the final examination for the term


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School of Foreign Languages, Institute of Social Technology

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