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Visa Regulations

Please note the following three important regulations about your visa:
1. You must apply for a visa extension BEFORE the date your visa expires. This application must be done in person at the Nakhon Ratchasima Immigration Office.

2. Whenever you leave Thailand, whether by land or by air, your visa will automatically become invalid. In order to be able to return to Thailand, you must apply for a re-entry permit at the Immigration office BEFORE leaving Thailand.

3. You must report to the Immigration Office every 90 days, counting from the day you have entered Thailand.

Visa Renewal: The following documents will need to be submitted with your visa application:
*Fill in a form Request for Visa Extension Letter at CIA office or download here

 1. A letter of request for visa extension from the University (letter from University to Immigration Office)
2. Certification of student status letter (Thai)
3. Transcripts (English)
4. A copy of passport (all pages)
5. Application form for visa extension (Application for extension of temporary stay in the Kingdom – TM.7 Visa fee 1,900 THB)
6. - House registration certificate (Photo copy)
    - Identification Card of the house/apartment owner which is the same            name to the House registration certificate (Photo copy)
    - Contract of the rent

Download visa form


1. Bring documents No.2, 3 and 4 to the Center for International Affairs.
2. The Center for International Affairs will prepare document No.1 for you.
3. Bring documents No.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to the Immigration Office to apply for visa extension

Re-entry Permit (TM.8 Form)

There are single re-entry permits (1,000 Baht) and multiple re-entry
permits (3,900 Baht). You may apply for a re-entry together with your application for a visa extension,
so that document No.8 is required, or at any other time.

90-days Report (TM. 47 Form):
Do not forget to do your 90 days report at Immigration Office (every
90 days plus/minus 7 days). If you forget to do this, you will be fined 2000 Baht, and there will be an extra fine for every extra day.  report now

For more information about visa regulation please visit the Immigration Bureau website:

Nakhon Ratchasima Immigration Office 
Facebook : Website : Line ID :ode7735q

Note: The above information is correct to our best knowledge. Immigration rules may change, however, at any time without
prior announcement.