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Dormitory for Student


Undergraduate Student

SUT has on campus dormitories for undergraduate student called Suranivet Dormitory with 1-18  building (S1-S18). The fresh man year student must stay at S.

Room rate is charged per term with various types of room, for international student CIA will reserve a room for student before student arrive SUT. The maximun room rate is 6,500 Thai Baht/trimester with 7,000 Thai Baht for a damage deposit.


Graduate Student

Surasammanakhan hotel main building
Sura 1 : The regular rate for double occupancy at Sura 1 is 800 Thai Baht/day
Sura 2 : Room is reserved to be a dormitory for graduate student. A room rate is 4,300 Thai Baht/month excluded electricity bill and water supply bill. As first signing rental contract a damage deposit of 5,000 Thai Baht is required.

Only two student will be allowed to share a room at Sura 1 and Sura 2.  The rooms at Sura 2 is limited as use first come first serve basis.


Off Campus Dormitory

There are various apartments, dorms or houses for rent off cmpus. It is recommended that students who wish to stay off campus and have their own transportation.