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CWIE Process of WACE Flowchart
June 7, 2012 : WACE-ISO at SUT Advisory Forum

          Last in the series was the concrete and impactful WACE ISO@SUT Advisory Forum on June, 7th where 30 participants from all concerned parties took part in vigorous discussion pinpointing the development of international cooperative education as the flagship agenda.

          The forum started with the presentation on the needs for Thailand’s and ASEAN’s human resource development through the promotion of the international cooperative education by Professor Prasart Suebka, SUT President. This was followed by Dr. Paul Stonely’s presentation on the roles of WACE and WACE ISO@SUT in supporting and promoting international cooperative education in the global and ASEAN contexts.  Both the presentations emphasized the benefits of WACE extension into the region which would provide the right support for its members as well as encouraged learning and sharing of best practice in developing and promoting international cooperative education in the region. 

          The next session was a panel discussion on the promotion of sustainable international cooperative education partnership by a set of respectable panelists representing the four concerned parties in international cooperative education, i.e. the government, the educational institution, the industry, and the international education organization. The discussion highlighted the roles of the government in encouraging cooperative education, the needs for embracing the diversity and adaptation brought in by the formation of ASEAN community, and the advancement of international cooperative education. 

          This half-a-day event ended with the thought-provoking brainstorming session on “strengthening international cooperative education and its sustainability” where practical suggestions ideal for the success of both domestic and international cooperative education programs were shared and taken into consideration for later implementation.

          In summary, the forum provided the opportunity for learning and experience sharing among all parties concerned in international cooperative education. Thus, the event is a success as the partnership between those who share the same goal of promoting a sustainable international cooperative education has been strengthened to a remarkable level.

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