4. Important student documents / Student IDs

FAQ1. Can I request a important student documents for my friend?


Yes. Just submit a Power of Attorney form along with copies of your and your friend’s ID.

2. If I lose my student ID card, would I need to obtain a new one?


You will need your student ID card to perform university transactions, as well as to gain entry to examinations. Just go to the Registrar. You will receive your new student card right there.

3. How do I receive my Student Status Certification Document?


To obtain your Student Status Certification Document, just go online to http://reg.sut.ac.th, log in to the system, and select the menu “Online document request.”

1) First do read and understand the steps of obtaining important student documents, and then select “requesting transcripts” on the menu.

2) Request the transcripts, specifying numbers and completing the required information and check the fee required by clicking “Amount to deduct from Bank Account.” After making sure everything is OK, click “Record Data.”

3) The fee is 20 Baht for one set of documents.

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