1. Concerning Registration: Under or over registering, Adding Courses, Schedule Conflicts.

FAQ1. What are the rules for over or under registering?


1) Undergraduate students must register for no less than 9 and no more than 22 credits.
2) In the cases of under or over registering as in 1, you must file a request form (except for fourth year students who may under register without any form).

2. How do I add a course when the course is already full?


You must take action within the first ten days of the term, by filling out a request form to add the course when it is already full. The form should be approved by your Academic Advisor and the Course Instructor, and then submitted to the Student Registrar.

3. Can I register for two courses whose meeting times have some overlap?


Sorry, but no.

4. What about first year students? Can we at least register for courses that have scheduled examination conflicts?


Again, sorry, but no, except for those that have reapplied for first year status.

5. If I haven’t passed a pre-requisite course, can I still request to take the next course along with the pre-requisite in the same trimester?


Sorry, but no. However if that course has the additional condition: “or with the approval of the School,” the student may register by submitting a general request form to the Registrar. After the registration period has passed, the Registrar will submit the list to the Institute for their kind consideration.

6. How do I change my elective course selection?


1) Submit a request to change your elective course to the Registrar, with approval of your academic advisor and Head of your School.
2) You must have had earned an F, U or W for the elective course you would like to change.
3) The elective course you wish to use instead must be an elective course in the same category with the same number of credits.
4) The new course to be used instead must be a course offered in the current trimester.

7. Withdrawal (with a W on the transcript)?


You may withdraw from a course after the fifth week counting from the beginning of the term, but not later than the tenth week.

8. Repeat registration

1) What is repeat course registration?


  • Repeat registration just means that students that earn an F, U or W in a course, whether required or elective, must take that course again until they get an A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D or S.
  • Students may repeat a course which they earned a D or D+ to improve their grade point average.

2) If I registered for a repeated course, can I still withdraw if I want to? How would my grade point average be affected?


  • If you are taking a repeated course and you want to withdraw, if after the fifth week, you will get a W, and your grade point average will use the most recent letter grade as criterion. For example, if student A gets a D for a first time registered course, repeats the course and gets F, student A will consider A to have gotten an F. However if student A withdraws, student A will get a D, his previous grade.
  • When can I graduate?
    If you complete the required program courses, with no less than 2.00 earned in your major courses and your overall grade point average no less than 2.00, you can graduate.

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