8. Concerning returning students (reentry)

FAQ1. If my grade point average is lower than 1.50, what should I do? Should I resign and then re-apply, or wait for the grades of term 3 to reapply?


If your grade point average is lower than 1.50, you have regular student status, but if in term 3, your grade point average is lower than 1.50, you will lose your student status (retire). If you want to re-enroll for Term 1 of the following academic year, you must apply by 1 May of that academic year. Therefore if you want to wait until the Term 3 grades come out, you will need to re-apply on time, but if you think that there may be a delay in the grades announcements, you should resign first.

2. I am a re-entering student in Term 3 of this academic year. I haven’t completed three terms yet. If I have less than 1.50, will I lose my student status? Will I be able to select my major with the others? Please answer quickly. I am hoping this is my last re-entry experience.


Selection of major will occur after completion of three terms. If you enrolled in Term 3, you will select your major at the end of Term 2 of the following academic year.

3. Currently, say I have Student Number B51xxxxx. If I want to re-enroll to obtain Student Number B52xxxxx (of the Cohort of the next academic year), should I apply before or after my grades are announced? What would be the difference? And if I get a new student number, will the last 5 numbers be the same? Where can I find more information?


1) You may re-apply before or after your grades come out. If you do apply before your grades come out, your transcript will end at Term 2 of your current academic year. If you do apply after your grades come out, your transcript will show your Term 3 grades too. To reapply as a Reentry student, you must resign your student status. Each academic year usually has a deadline at 1 May, but you need to check the information for yourself.

2) Your student number will be entirely new. More information is available at www.sut.ac.th/ces

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